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Hi all, 

We hope you have all settled back in after the mid-term break. This was the first meeting for our new committee so welcome all and thanks for giving up your time. 

To all those out there even if you don’t want to join the committee perhaps think about joining our volunteer/helper committee or even volunteering for one of the specific sub-committees. Remember everything we work towards is for the benefit of our daughters and their school environment and it’s also a great opportunity to get to know the other parents in the school. 

The meeting minutes will be passed at our next meeting on the 1st December but in the meantime see below for a summary of our last monthly meeting held on November 10th. 

• The coffee morning and cake sale held on 24th October generated €644 for the PA Funds – thanks to everyone who made cakes and donations and helped out on the day – it is all much appreciated. We have some wonderful pictures of each class in their fancy dress which we will load up onto our website in the next 2 weeks. 

• Mrs Fahy has advised that the standardised letter from each class teacher to Parents has been delayed and will be completed after next staff meeting. We’ll give you an update on this after our next meeting. 

• Two new school policies (Anti-Bullying and the Special Needs) will be issued by the end of November from the Policy committee. (Policy committee is made up of some parent reps and staff) 

• Basketball in the morning will not be starting until February. 

• Some changes are taking place with regard to the Family Contribution. You may be aware that current government grants provided towards the running of the school are not sufficient to cover all the associated costs. The Board of Management (BoM) are considering an increase in the amount and also the method of collection of the contribution from each family. 

• Previously this was collected and managed by the PA in conjunction with Mrs.Fahy. The Board of Management (BoM) have agreed that with the new change the budgets for Parents' Association activities will be ring fenced for the running of our usual events. We hope to update our website with a final list of our events after our next meeting (1st December) 


• Board of Management are finishing discussions on the letter and we expect it to be issued from the Board in the next few weeks. 

• Parent Teacher meetings will take place 19th November 

• The dangers in the car park were raised again at our meeting with some near misses being reported in the last month. 

• Please slow down when entering the car-park and watch out for any blind spots you might have – remember some cars - especially when reversing may not see little girls who may be running to their own car. 

If you don’t collect your daughter can you make sure that this message is passed on to any childminders/grannies/granddads/neighbours who may not receive this email. 

We have requested the BOM to consider some additional road markings or even a re-working of the car park – we will update you when we hear back. 

• The school website is almost ready and Mrs. Fahy has advised that it is expected to launch in January 2015 in time for the 125 year celebrations 

• Could you please make sure you have returned the permission slip that was sent out to allow your daughters access to and pictures to be displayed on the website when it does launch. (Please contact Monica in the office if you need a copy of the permission slip)


• Class reps are updating their contact lists at the moment so please make sure we have the most up to date information for you on our database. 

• A new Buildings Committee has been established made of up Parents Reps and members of the Board of Management with a view to securing grant aid to renovate/extend the school. As you can imagine this is not an easy process but we will advise you on the progress as we hear about it. Orla Harte (3rd Class) Rep and Philippa Lawrie (1st Class Rep) are the Parents Reps on this committee. Marjorie Boland (Mother Rep on the BoM) is also a member of this committee.

NPC Parenting Course 
• We are hoping to run another Parenting Course this year along the lines of what we ran last year. However we need to gauge interest first. 

• We will send out information separately and request that you reply back as soon as possible if you think this is something you may be interested in. 

• The courses are usually run either a morning/evening with 5-10 participants on each course in a local venue. 

Lists of Events 

• Confirmation Date has been confirmed for May 22nd. 
• We will be looking for 5th Class parents as to provide help with teas and coffees after the confirmation ceremony – you r class rep will be in touch! 

• First Holy Communion is May 9th. We will be looking for 1st Class parent volunteers from to provide help with teas and coffees after the ceremony – your class rep will be in touch. 

• Pantomine ‘Aladdin’ will be run in the school on the 4th December 

• 5th Class Choir will perform Christmas carols for the Farmleigh Nursing home and the convent community. 

• Coffee morning and Book Sale confirmed for February 13th 

General Items 

• The girls have completed some art work which will be turned into Christmas Cards and printed by a local print supplier.

• Christmas Raffle for the girls and a visit from Santa will take place on December 16th. (TBC) 

• We are looking for any local businesses/parents to sponsor any of the raffle prizes for the girls. We plan to have 3 prizes per class on the day. So if you are involved in any business that may look favourably on a request for donations do let us know and we can provide you with a note from the PA stating what the donation is being used for. 

• Mrs. Fahy advised that she has applied again for the Book Rental Scheme grant. We’ll update when we know more. 


As always if you have any queries or questions on anything in the email above or you have a general question - please do not hesitate to contact us on this email address or contact your class representative. The list of class reps and their contact details are contained on our



Information Committee

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