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Please note this is the UPDATED Constitution adopted at EGM Monday March 14th 2011.

Adopted: 14th March 2011
Table of Contents 1
Foreword 2
1. Name 3
2. Definitions and Meanings 3
3. Governing Law 3
4. Purpose/Aim of the Parents’ Association 3
5. Work of the Parents’ Association 4
6. Membership of the Parents’ Association 4
7. Committee of the Parents’ Association 4
8. Membership of the Committee 4
9. Work of the Committee 5
10 Committee Meetings 6
11. Co-Option and Sub-committees 7
12. Finance 7
13. Fundraising for the School 8
14. Membership of NPC 8
15. General Meetings 8
16. Changing the Constitution 9
17 Coming into Force and Transitional Arrangements 9
The Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville Parents’ Association Constitution has been
created to bring together all the agreed ground rules under which the Association shall be guided. This document is maintained by the Parents’ Association Committee and updated only by agreement of the member , in accordance with changes to Constitutional guidelines.
The Parent’s Association shall be known as “Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville Parents’ Association”.
2.1 Unless otherwise stated, the following definitions shall apply throughout this document.
(1) Board of Management: Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire
Mount Sackville Primary School
(2) Parents: Any reference to “Parents” shall include legal guardians and refers to parents and legal guardians of children attending Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville Primary School.
(3) Parents’ Association: Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville Parents’ Association.
(4) Principal: The principal of Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville Primary School.
(5) School: Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville Primary School.
2.2 Any reference to any provision of any legislation shall include any modification re-enactment or extension thereof.
2.3 The masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter and the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa.
2.4 Words such as “hereunder”, “hereto”, “hereof” and “herein” and other words commencing with “here” shall unless the context clearly indicates to the contrary, refer to the whole of this document and not to any particular article or section thereof.
2.5 Any reference to an article, section, paragraph or sub-paragraph shall be a reference to the articles, section, paragraph or sub-paragraph of the provision in which the reference occurs, unless it is indicated that reference to some other provisions is intended.
2.6 The captions in this document are for convenience of reference only and shall not be considered a part of or effect the construction or interpretation of this Constitution.
This Constitution shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland.
4.1 The purpose/aim of the Parents’ Association is to enable and encourage Parents of children attending Scoil Mhuire Mount Sackville, to play their part in ensuring the best possible educational experience and support for their children through the Association’s programme of activities.
4.2 The Parents’ Association shall work in partnership with the Principal, Staff and the Board of Management to build successful links between home and school. The Parents’ Association shall promote the interests of the students in co-operation with the Board, Principal, teachers and students, in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act, 1998 and amendments thereto.
5.1 The Parents’ Association shall undertake a programme of activities, which shall promote the involvement of Parents and which shall support pupils, Parents and school staff. In  planning its activities, the Parents’ Association shall consult with the Principal.
5.2 The Parents’ Association may advise the Principal and Board of Management (BOM) on any matters relating to the school in accordance with the Education Act 1998, 26 (2) (a) and amendments thereto.
5.3 The Parents’ Association shall promote and foster a sense of belonging within the school establishment.
All Parents of children attending the School shall be deemed to be members of the Parents’ Association.
The members of the Parents’ Association shall elect a number of members who shall have responsibility for managing the activities of the Parents’ Association. This team shall serve as the Committee of the Parents’ Association.
8.1 Membership of the Committee shall comprise of:
1. Parents elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Parents’ Association.
2. Parents co-opted onto the Committee in accordance with the provisions contained herein.
3. BOM Parents’ representatives.
8.2 The number of Committee members shall be a minimum of eight and a maximum of sixteen, excluding Officers and BOM representatives.
8.3 Should the Parents’ Association fail to secure a minimum of eight members (excluding Officers and BOM representatives), it shall be deemed to be inactive.
8.4 Each school year shall be represented by at least one Committee member. Parents should communicate with the Committee through their class Representatives.
8.5 The two Parents’ representatives elected to the BOM are automatically
members of the Committee but shall not hold an officer post. Both representatives shall attend a minimum of four meetings and act as a communication channel between the BOM and the PA .
8.6 Committee members must have a child in School for the full duration of their time on Committee.
8.7 Those elected to the Committee should be prepared to serve for two consecutive years.
8.8 Parents may go forward for re-election for a further two year period as long as they have a child in the School, subject to a maximum period of four years. Beyond this period they may only seek re election if no new candidates present themselves for election at the AGM.
8.9 Each year a minimum of two new members should be elected to the Committee.
8.10 Vacancies on the Committee may be filled by co-option. Candidates for co-option shall be nominated at a Committee meeting and shall be deemed co-opted if supported by a simple majority of Committee members in attendance.
8.11 The Officer posts comprise of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer; all honorary positions.
8.12 The Officers shall be elected by the Committee by secret ballot at the first Committee meeting subsequent to the AGM and shall hold the post for one year.
8.13 Subject to 8.14, Officers may go forward for election for a further year, provided they have a child in the School.
8.14 An Officer should not hold the same position for more than three years.
9.1 The Committee is the team that shall manage the tasks of the Association on behalf of the Parents.
9.2 The Committee shall draw up a plan for the activities of the Association, in consultation with Parents and in accordance with their wishes.
9.3 The Committee shall be responsible for seeing that activities are run in an efficient and effective way.
9.4 The Committee shall consult with the Principal when planning the programme of activities for each particular year.
9.5 The Committee shall arrange with the Principal and the BOM a system for ongoing communication.
9.6 At the AGM, the Committee shall report to the members on its work and invite a representative of the BOM to give their update.
9.7 The Committee shall manage and account for any funds collected by the Parents’ Association.
10.1 Committee Meetings shall be convened monthly during the academic year.
10.2 The Agenda for the meeting shall be set by the Chair in consultation with the Secretary and shall include:
• Minutes of previous meeting.
• Matters arising from Minutes.
• Correspondence.
• Report from Parent Representative(s) on BOM Meeting (if applicable
• Treasurer’s Report.
• Planning Upcoming Events.
• Any Other Business (AOB)
10.3 Committee members shall be entitled to submit items to the Secretary to be considered for inclusion on the Agenda not less than 2 days in advance of the Meeting.
10.4 Parents shall be entitled to submit proposed topics to be considered for inclusion in the agenda to Committee members not less than 4 days in advance of the meeting.
10.5 A record of the proceedings of each Meeting, including a record of attendees, shall be maintained by the Secretary and signed by the Chair after the Committee confirms by vote that they are a true and accurate record of the Meeting and decisions taken thereat.
10.6 A Quorum shall comprise of two-thirds of the Committee members, including Officers and the BOM.
10.7 Voting on motions placed before the Meeting shall be by simple majority of the Committee members in attendance with one vote per member per motion.
10.8 In the event of deadlock, the Chair may exercise a casting vote
10.9 Any Committee members not attending three consecutive meetings, without due notification and reasonable cause, shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee. The matter shall be discussed at the first available Committee Meeting. Two-thirds of the Committee must confirm that three meetings have been missed without reasonable cause for the deemed resignation to be effective.
10.10 All Parents in the School are entitled to attend monthly Committee Meetings as observers only, unless called upon by the Chair to contribute to the meeting. Parents wishing to attend must give prior notice to the Secretary, in writing or electronically by email to the PA email address, at least three days prior to the Meeting.
11.1 The Committee may co-opt people onto the Committee to assist in their work.
11.2 Sub-committees can be set up for particular tasks.
1.3 The Committee shall formulate and/or approve the terms of reference for the work of each Sub-committee.
11.4 The Sub-committee may also co-opt people to assist in their work.
11.5 All Sub-committees shall report on their activities at each Committee Meeting.
12.1 The Parents’ Association shall finance its activities through fund raising specifically for the work of the Parents’ Association.
12.2 A Treasurer, appointed from among the Committee members, shall be responsible for keeping the accounts of the Parents’ Association finances.
12.3 All expenditure shall be subject to approval by the Committee with due consideration to the costs and benefits associated with the expenditure.
12.4 Expenditure in excess of €250 shall be approved by the Committee in advance of being incurred.
12.5 Expenditure under 12.3 and 12.4 shall be deemed approved should a simple majority of Committee Members in attendance at a Committee Meeting vote in favour of the proposed expenditure.
12.6 Expenditure below this threshold shall be approved by the Chair and at least one other Officer in advance of being incurred and shall be reported to the Committee at the next Committee Meeting.
12.7 The Treasurer shall provide an update on changes to income and expenditure at each Committee Meeting.
12.8 The Treasurer shall provide a written statement of income and expenditure at the AGM.
12.9 The Parents’ Association shall keep a bank account in its name. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by the Treasurer and counter-signed by at least one other member of the Committee.
12.10 The financial affairs of the Committee shall be conducted so as to be clearly in surplus at all times.
12.11 Should it be deemed desirable, the Committee may subject the accounts of the Parents’ Association to an independent review or audit by a member of the Parents’ Association or a Third Party qualified to carry out such a review or audit.
13.1 Fundraising for the School shall be carried out for specific projects, as a result of requests from the BOM and/or Principal, and as agreed by the Parents’ Association.
13.2 All details of fund-raising projects shall be advised to Parents in advance, following guidelines as set out by the National Parents’ Council.
13.3 The Parents’ Association Committee shall either transfer School fundraising income net of fundraising costs to the BOM, before the end of the academic year or expend said funds on approved projects under the direction of the BOM or Principal.
13.4 Full details of all funds raised and applied shall be given in the financial report at the AGM.
The Parents’ Association shall affiliate to the National ParentsCouncil Primary annually.
15.1 The AGM shall be held in September each year.
15.2 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be convened by the Committee as it deems necessary.
15.3 An EGM shall be convened by the Committee upon the request of a minimum of 25 Parents. The request shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary.
15.4 A request submitted under Article 15.3 shall:
1. Outline the purpose of the Meeting
2. Provide details of all motions that Parents propose to raise at the
15.5 At least 21 days notice must be provided to Members regarding the
holding of any AGM or EGM.
15.6 Any Member may submit motions to be raised at the AGM/EGM. Such motions must be submitted to the Secretary, in writing or electronically by email to the PA email address, at least 14 days in advance of the Meeting.
15.7 The Parents’ Association Committee shall make all motions submitted in accordance with 15.3 available to all Parents at least 7 days before the AGM/ EGM.
15.8 Parents who attend the AGM in person or by proxy are eligible to vote on the motions, with one vote per Parent per motion.
15.9 Voting shall be by secret ballot.
15.10 Subject to 16.6, motions shall be carried by a simple majority of Parents in attendance in person or by proxy.
15.11 In the event of deadlock, the Chair has a casting vote.
16.1 Changes to the Constitution can be made at the AGM or at an EGM called for such purpose.
16.2 Motions to change the Constitution must be submitted to the Parents’ Association Committee, in writing or electronically by email to the PA email address, at least 14 days in advance of the AGM or EGM.
16.3 The Parents’ Association Committee shall then make the aforementioned motions available to all Parents before the AGM or EGM.
16.4 All Parents in the School, who attend the AGM/EGM, are eligible to vote on the proposals.
16.5 Voting shall be by secret ballot.
16.6 Motions shall be carried by two-thirds of Parents in attendance at the AGM/EGM, in person or by proxy.
16.7 In the event of deadlock, the Chair has a casting vote.
17.1 This Constitution shall come into force immediately upon being adopted by the Parents at an EGM.
17.2 Should this Constitution be adopted at an EGM during an academic year, the Committee and Officers in place at the date of that Meeting shall remain in place until the next AGM at which stage the provisions of this Constitution, regarding size and membership of the Committee and its officers, shall come into force.

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